Assut Europe S.p.A, Italian manufacturer of surgical sutures founded in 1991, is presently worldwide marketing a comprehensive range of medical devices and biomedical systems. Our vision is based on the logic of total quality management and lean production and is targeted to our customers’ satisfaction through an offer of certified and high quality products obtained from constant research and development activities for the continuous innovation in the service of different surgical specialties. General surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery and orthopaedic surgery are just some of our target areas.


Intersurgical is Europe’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical devices for respiratory support. We provide flexible patient solutions for airway management, anaesthesia, critical care, and oxygen & aerosol therapy primarily for use within the hospital environment but also in the home. With over 30 years experience in this area, we understand the changing and challenging clinical environments and needs of our customers and their patients. We believe the best way to maintain the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality and customer care is to have complete control of these aspects of our business. This integrated in-house philosophy means we are able to respond quickly and effectively to our customers and consistently meet their requirements.


GPS was established in 1982 and became successful in Europe as a leader company for the production of disposable medical articles for gynaecology and electrosurgery. GPS was the first in Europe to manufacture single use vaginal specula and the first in Italy to produce disposable ESU pencils.

GPS has its own assembly lines in rooms with controlled environment conditions. "Work with the approval of Quality Assurance System for production and/or sterilization", issued by the Notified Body 0373 Istituto Superiore di Sanità - Roma.


All devices are CE marked:


REDA started with 3 employees and has grown to a medium-sized businesses within six years. We now have more than 30 workers.

REDA exports to almost all countries of the world and provides customers with high quality products and services. We strongly believe that the expectations of our customers should always be fulfilled. To reach this goal motivated employees are necessary. That's the reason why all our employees are highly trained and work with a high degree of independence and own responsibility for their work. The Reda cooperative style asserts itself within the relationships with our suppliers and customers to a high degree. We share the common goal to avoid mistakes and to act cost-consciously.


Through the implementation and the maintenance of a high-class management system according to the regularization GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) of the US FDA and EN ISO 13485, we want to grow our respected and successful market position as well as the competitiveness of our company and customers.

We are able to deliver reliably and at short notice through our large on site inventory!.


Wir verstehen uns als leistungsfähiges, stetig wachsendes Unternehmen. Die Unternehmensstrategie von MEDITRADE ist auf die Schaffung von Problemlösungen und auf die Anerkennung durch unsere Kunden als kompetenter Partner im Markt ausgerichtet. Dabei achten wir auf ein Gleichgewicht zwischen Umsatzentwicklung und Mitarbeiterwachstum. Da das Wissen jedes einzelnen Mitarbeiters ein wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor unseres Unternehmens ist, wird das Know-How durch interne sowie externe Schulungen vertieft. Kundenzufriedenheit ist ein wesentliches Merkmal unserer Unternehmensphilosophie. Der Hauptsitz der Firma befindet sich in Kiefersfelden. Von hier aus erfolgt die zentrale Unternehmenssteuerung weltweit. Unsere Kunden in Europa werden durch qualifizierte Mitarbeiter im Innen- und Außendienst sowie durch Partnerfirmen betreut. MEDITRADE unterhält darüber hinaus internationale Beteiligungen.